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Safety & Sanitization Measures

Keeping Our Jump Start Families & Staff Safe

In an effort to mitigate the risk of COVID-19, & make our facility as safe as possible for our students, families, & staff to return, we are implementing new policies & procedures. At the end of the day, our goals are all the same -- a safe and healthy experience at Jump Start Gymnastics.  Jump Start Day Camp, Classes, & Team practices will be following all of the mandates & recommendations made by the CDC & State of Ohio for day camps and fitness facilities. Please read carefully & completely. 


Entrance Screening:

 *Symptoms and temperature checks will occur at sign in and sign out. Our screening procedure is modeled after those being used in healthcare facilities. Individuals who screen positive or temperature is 100 degrees or higher, will not be allowed to participate in the camp, class, or team practice.  If you or anyone in your household is symptomatic or sick, or there has been contact with a symptomatic or sick individual, DO NOT ENTER JSG.

  *Only 1 legal aged adult guardian is permitted to escort the child into the facility for check-in & health screening.

  *Legal aged guardians signing in participants and entering JSG must wear facial covering or mask.

  *Maintain social distancing of 6 feet upon entering and exiting the facility.

  *Please use hand sanitizer upon entry and allow the coach to direct gymnast to the assigned bathroom for hand washing and entry to equipment area.

  *Participants should bring labeled water bottles, snacks, lunch, and change of clothes appropriate to the length of activity they are participating in. No water fountains or vending machines are available on site. Items brought in should be able to fit into a 12'' x12'' cubby.  The cubbies have been spaced to adhere to social distancing and are sanitized after each use.

  *Guardians with participants under the age of 4 are the only adults permitted & required to be in class & in the building with their child.  Temporarily, there will be no spectator viewing.


  *Masks are mandatory for parents entering and exiting the building during pick up/drop off. 

  *Masks are permitted, but not required during equipment & event work out rotations by the students, coaches, & instructors. 

  *Masks are required to be worn by employees during drop-off & pick up times. 


  *Pick up/drop off, lunch/snack, & class times will all be staggered.  


Grouping & Ratios:

  *Groups will be separated by age or by request to be together.

  *We will not exceed the max ratio mandate of 9:1 set by the State of Ohio for Jump Start Camps, Classes, & Team practices.  Each grouping will remain the same until the end of a student’s enrollment.  Little & Swinging Twister class ratio will include the parent or legal guardian.  


Activities & Rotations:

  *Activities will occur in small groups and include non-contact games and challenges.

  *Classes, camps, & team practices will be instructed using stations & drills that are socially distanced.  Hands-on spotting will be limited to skills that require spotting for safety and preventing injuries.

  *Coaches & participants will have scheduled hand-washing or sanitizing before participation, between rotations, & after participation in gymnastic equipment area.


  *Sanitization is an active process throughout the day, between rotations, & classes.

  *A deep clean is performed 1-2 times per week based on facility usage and need.

  *A UV-C wand is used daily to sterilize the balance beams, parallel bars, & matting systems. 


Pick-up Procedure:

  *A temperature check will occur as each participant and coach exit JSG.

  *Only 1 legal aged MASKED guardian is permitted entrance to sign out participant.

  *Please maintain 6 feet social distancing recommendation entering and exiting JSG. 

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