Twisters Classes | Ages 2-6 years old

Little Twisters Class (with adult)

Age: 2-3 years

Length: 1 hour

The Little Twisters class is geared towards children 2-3 years old participating with an adult caregiver. During the hour long class, the students are introduced to basic gymnastics skills and shapes in a fun and energized atmosphere. They develop their motor and social skills while utilizing the plethora of appropriately sized equipment Jump Start has available.

Swinging Twisters Class 

Age: 3-4.5 years 

Length: 1 hour

The Swinging Twisters class begins with fun, fast-paced stretching and warm-ups geared towards 3-4 years old. During the hour long class, students are introduced to basic gymnastic positions and skills utilizing appropriately sized gymnastics equipment. The students rotate through stations involving obstacle courses that are fun, easy to follow, and centered around skill progression.

Tumbling Twisters Class

Age: 4-5 years

Length: 1.25 hours

The Tumbling Twisters class also begins with fun, fast paced warmups. It is geared towards 4-5 year olds who are ready for a slightly longer class. The class focuses on gymnastic elements, shapes, skills, and strength while utilizing appropriately sized equipment. The class rotations are obstacle course based for fun, proper progression, skill acquisition, and school readiness preparation.   

Supersonic Twisters Class

Age: 5-6 years

Length: 1.25 hours

The Supersonic Twisters class is geared towards 5-6 year olds. The class is focused on developing gymnastics elements, shapes, skills, and strength on appropriately sized equipment. The basic gymnastics our supersonic twisters learn is the base for physical fitness and coordination for all sports. 

Flips Classes | Ages 6-17 years old

Gymkata for Boys

Age: 5-8 years

Length: 1.25 hours

In the Gymkata for Boys class, the coaches encourage their students to "Do what makes you awesome!" Join us as we run, flip, and spin our way through this energetic and fun-filled class. During this action-packed class, the gymnastic equipment is used in ways that keeps young boys engaged, moving, and tired at the end of class! It is tailored specifically for boys 5-8 years old. 

Flips for Boys Class

Age: 7-17 years

Length: 1.25 hours

Join our expertly trained boys coaches in this fun and engaging class structured around men's gymnastics! Flips for Boys is designed for boys of any skill level aged 7 and over. Conditioning and agility obstacles coursed are utilized throughout to increase speed and strength.

Flips for Girls Class

Age: 6-10 years

Length: 1.25 hours

Whether you're looking for a new activity or have been active in gymnastics for years, Flips For Girls is perfect for girls ages 7 and over who love gymnastics! Our encouraging coaches work with the girls to help them establish a strong foundation of skills in all areas of gymnastics. The gymnasts will be instructed on all the Olympic events (floor, beam, vault, and bars) and also on our 50ft Tumble Trak. From beginner to advanced, this class is structured to meet the needs of all levels of gymnasts and work with them to help reach their goals. Groups are organized by age and skill level. 

 Prep & Young Prep Team 

Age: 4 1/2-10 years

Length:  1.5 or 2 hours / 2 times per week required

Prep-Team for Girls is an invitational class for those gymnasts that have mastered basic gymnastic skills in all events. The gymnasts are required to participate in 2 practices per week.  These gymnasts are training to acquire the skills that will enable them to join the next in-house or traveling competitive gymnastic team at JS Gymnastics.  Please schedule an evaluation appointment for your gymnast prior to enrollment for the Prep-Team practices.

Go, Girl! Gymnastic Class

Age: 10-17 years

Length: 1.25 hours

The Go Girls class is similar to our Flips for Girls class, except everyone is 10 years or older! It is a great gymnastics class for beginners as well as experienced gymnasts. The class includes instruction on all the Olympic events (vault, bars, beam, and floor), as well as trampoline and the 50 foot Tumbl Trak system.